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General conditions


Article 1 – Organisation

The French Football Federation, an association under French law 1901 recognised as being of public utility, with its registered office located at 87 boulevard de Grenelle – 75015 Paris (hereinafter the "FFF"), is organising a competition from 21 November 2019 to 7 February 2020 inclusive (dates and times correct for mainland France). The competition is called the "FFF INNOVATION AWARDS" (the "Competition"), enabling candidates to win the opportunity to collaborate with the FFF in relation to the project they presented.

Article 2 – Introduction to the Competition

The Innovation Awards are returning for the second year as part of the French Football Federation's “Ambition 2020” strategy, which aims to make the federation a global leader in innovation.

Two new initiatives, which have recently been set up - the Kick-Off innovation unit and the Performance Centre - are already testing and supporting innovative solutions for amateur and high-level football. Through these awards, the FFF reaffirmed its desire to promote innovation.

Global Sports Week is a new international platform that aims to bring together leaders and influencers from sport, business and society, in order to find business solutions that are both innovative and sustainable. This new event will take place at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris from 5 to 7 February 2020.

Article 3 – Conditions of Participation

The Competition is open to all legal entities which are start-ups, i.e. young and innovative companies in the new technologies sector with an e-mail address (with the exception of employees of companies that have participated directly or indirectly in its organisation or implementation), hereinafter referred to as “the Participant(s)”.

The same person (same name, same address, same email) may only enter the Competition once. Postal entries will not be accepted.

Article 4 – Terms of participation

To compete, participants must enter the Competition entitled "2nd Edition FFF INNOVATION AWARDS" by clicking on the "APPLICATION FORM" tab.

4.1 Stage: Entry

To enter, participants must go online or pick up their mobile device between 21 November 2019 and 20 December and go to:

  • the Competition's website: https://www.fffinnovationawards.com/#
  • Check that they are fully eligible to participate in accordance with the competition's entry rules;
  • Click on the “here” / “Postulez dès maintenant” tab;
  • Complete the entry form;
  • Attach a link to a video presenting the project. The technical requirements for the video can be found in the footer of the form. Notes:
    • Add the link to a 2-minute video, presenting the Participant’s company and the concept.
    • To be filmed in landscape with a mobile phone.
    • The founder(s)/owner(s) of the Participating start-up must present the information contained in the video.
    • The video must comply with the following eligibility criteria: problem to be solved, solution, past achievements, examples
  • Confirm their participation by submitting their form within the deadline.

Participants must choose to compete in one of the 3 categories offered by the FFF, namely:

  • - Sport Performance : Improving player and team performance;
  • - Social Responsibility : Reinventing the Fan Experience in Sport;
  • - Fan Engagement : Taking action so sport is responsible and committed.

Participants must submit a validated project, which has been developed up to a certain point and which is capable of the following:

  • - Identifying and understanding market appetite
  • - Defining the concept behind the solution
  • - Illustrating the proposal with examples and achievements
  • - Presenting potential future developments

4.2 Stage 2: Selection process for the 9 finalists

The website will inform the Participants of the start and end date of the review of their entries.

On 10 January 2020, the members of a jury comprising experts from several FFF departments, the full list of which will be revealed at a later date, will meet and participate in the selection of 3 Participants in each of the categories listed in Article 4.1, i.e. 9 (nine) of the Finalists (“the Finalists”).

The jury will base its decision on a multitude of criteria, including the quality of the project and its ability to respond to the issues and challenges of its category.

Participants who have not been selected will be notified by email to the address specified on their form within 7 days of the jury meeting to deliberate on this first stage.

The Finalists will be announced by means of a notification email sent to the short-listed Participants, informing them of the information needed to prepare their presentation within 7 days of the jury meeting for the deliberation of this first stage. Subsequently, an external communication will be made before the presentation and award day in order to announce the 9 Finalists in advance.

The Finalists will progress to the 2nd stage of the Competition in which they will participate by preparing a video presentation to be submitted before 22 January 2020.

Article 5 - Characteristics of the video

In advance of 22 January 2020, the Finalists must submit a video presenting the project, which meets the following technical requirements:

The technical requirements for the video are as follows:

  • ˗ 4 minutes
  • ˗ 16:9 format,
  • ˗ /mov.

For the video to be accepted and the entry to be approved, the video must not consist of any content which includes but is not limited to:

  • content of a defamatory, insulting, racist, religious or pornographic nature, or that is harmful to public order or morals;
  • content infringing any patent, registered trademark, registered design or model, intellectual property right or any other property right belonging to another person;
  • content infringing the privacy and image rights of third parties;
  • and, in general, content that is contrary to the regulations and legislation in force.

Article 6 - Authorisation and transfer of rights

Participants further acknowledge that their videos are their personal, original creation and free of any rights of any kind whatsoever.

Participants guarantee the originality, together with free and undisturbed use, of the video produced.

Participants transfer to the FFF, free of charge, the right to use the video posted (hereinafter “the Video”) filmed as part of their participation in the Competition.

This right of use includes the right to reproduce and represent this Video on the FFF website and its digital versions, and the right to transfer this Video (together with all adaptation rights the exercise of which is required by the constraints of this reproduction and this representation) to any third party of its choice, including but not limited to: the FFF website www.fff.fr, its social networks, broadcast during Global Sports Week, etc.

The FFF may exploit the Video, for private or public use, for non-commercial purposes (such as for the needs of its internal or external communications).

This right of use is valid worldwide and for a period of 10 years, from acceptance of these regulations.

The participant guarantees the FFF against any recourse and/or claim from a third party, in particular, those relating to personality rights, copyright, intellectual property rights, trademark rights, etc.

Article 7 - Presentation during Global Sports Week (7 February 2020):

Each Finalist who has submitted their video in accordance with the deadlines set out in Article 5 of this document will have the opportunity to present their project to sports experts during Global Sports Week.

A new jury will then decide on the winners.

Article 8 - Selection of winners

A new Jury consisting of experts from the Federation will, as part of the Global Sports Week taking place on 7 February 2020 at the Carrousel du Louvre, name 1 (one) winning Finalist per category, i.e. 3 (three) winners ("the Winners").

The judging criteria will be based on the quality of the project and its ability to respond to the issues and challenges of its category.

The members of the jury will present the FFF innovation awards to the Winners.

Article 9 - Prizes

In addition to the media exposure and visibility they will receive the opportunity to present their project to potential customers, the Winners will receive a trophy and the opportunity to collaborate with the FFF.

The prizes offered to the Winners may not give rise to any claim whatsoever by the Winners, nor may they be exchanged for their cash value (in whole or in part) or exchanged or replaced for another prize of any value whatsoever, for any reason whatsoever.

The FFF reserves the right to replace the prizes, in whole or in part, with other prizes of equivalent value.

If a winner does not want, or is unable to, take possession of his or her prize, s/he will not be entitled to any compensation.

Prizes that remain unclaimed within two (2) weeks of receipt of the email informing winners of their win will be deemed to remain FFF's property.

Article 10 – Liability

Participation implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limits of the Internet, the lack of protection for certain data against possible misuse or piracy and risks of contamination by any viruses circulating on the network. The FFF may not, under any circumstances, be held liable in the event of incidents related to the use of the computer, Internet access, routing problems or communication interruptions, connection difficulties, malfunctions of the Competition’s servers, the telephone line or any other technical connection and the sending of entry forms to an incorrect or incomplete address.

Article 11 – Compliance with the rules

Entrants to the Competition are expected to do so in good faith, meaning absolute respect for the rules and the rights of the other participants.

Participants shall refrain from implementing or seeking to implement any competition process that does not strictly comply with the principles of the Competition and these regulations.

Any breach of these regulations, demonstrated by the commencement of performance and committed with a view to improper participation in this Competition (in particular electronically) will result in the perpetrator’s request to enter being rejected in full.

The FFF reserves the right to exclude any person who does not fully comply with these regulations.

The FFF also reserves the right to bring legal proceedings against anyone who attempts to defraud or interfere with the smooth running of this Competition.

The FFF reserves the right to carry out any checks to ensure compliance with this article and all regulations and, in particular, to exclude any participant who has committed any kind of abuse or attempted fraud. However, it is not required to carry out a systematic check of all application forms, but may possibly restrict this check to the application forms of potential winners.

Article 12 –Participation fees

The participant will bear the costs relating to the production and sending of the video, as well as the costs of Internet connection.

The Finalists will bear the cost of travel to attend Global Sports Week.

Article 13 – Personal Data

The collected personal data is subject to a computerised processing by the FFF in order to : handle the applications of the candidates, select the projects, contact the participants and organize the FFF Innovation Awards. The FFF is the sole recipient of the data and data is stored for 3 years starting from the last day of the Operation.

In accordance with the French “information technology and civil liberties” and to The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), participants have the right to access, rectify and oppose any information concerning them. Participants can exercise those rights by contacting the FFF Data Protection department through this application (lien https://mon-espace.fff.fr/demande/ ) or at the following mail address: FFF Data Protection (DPO) 87 boulevard de Grenelle – 75 738 PARIS CEDEX 15 FRANCE.

For more information, you are encouraged to refer to our “Policy of Data Protection”. ( https://www.fff.fr/politique_protection )

Participants will be able to receive free newsletters from the FFF, from which they may unsubscribe at any time via a link on these newsletters.


Article 14 – Registration

These rules can be viewed on the Facebook page https://www.fffinnovationawards.com/# from 21 November 2019 to 7 May 2020 inclusive.

They may also be sent by post, free of charge, to any person who requests them before the closing date of the Competition to the FFF’s address at: FFF (FFF – Business Development)– 87 boulevard de grenelle 75 738 Paris cedex 15). Postal costs will be reimbursed at the slow rate in force in France, on request in the application letter.

Article 15 – Disputes and Jurisdiction

Participation in the Competition means full and unreserved acceptance of these regulations. Any inaccurate or misleading statement shall result in the participant's disqualification.

These regulations are exclusively governed by French law. Any dispute that cannot be settled amicably will be submitted to the Courts of Paris.

The FFF reserves the right to change, extend or cancel the Competition outright due to any event beyond its control.

Article 16 – Intellectual Property

In accordance with the laws governing literary and artistic property rights, the reproduction and representation of all or part of the elements comprising the Competition is strictly prohibited. The trademarks mentioned are registered trademarks.

Paris, 24 November 2019